​​Cybersecurity, Data Privacy, GRC and Consulting​​​​

Emerging technologies, globalization, data breaches and regulatory changes are just a few reasons why companies should take another look at cybersecurity, data privacy and GRC. Complex and emerging technologies require different tools as well as innovative approaches to managing regulatory requirements, data protection, IT related risks, and cybersecurity issues.

Cyvient provides end-to-end GRC, Data Privacy and Security solutions for both public and private clients. We work with clients to optimize GRC controls and processes, identify the right tools and automated processes for data privacy, risk management, and cybersecurity. Our flexible approach can help you implement all or part of a solution to achieve compliance.

What We Do
  1. Audit and Assurance
    Audit and Assurance
    Many organizations consider the audit assurance process cumbersome and time consuming. However, organizations that embrace this process as part of its core values will typically have better results. A strong audit program will significantly reduce risk and enhance your brand reputation. Cyvient can assess your organizations current audit requirements, implement the appropriate controls based on current regulatory needs and optimize your audit assurance programs for continuous improvement.
  2. Cybersecurity
    Today organizations find themselves working across borders to obtain customers, development of products and advanced technologies. Our globally connected and convergent world requires a risk-based approach to managing organizational operations, assets, applications, networks, data, and the Internet of Things (IoT). With cyber-attacks are on the rise, organizations must consider their ability to respond proactively and defend valuable information in view of the potential risks and threats. Cyvient can help you assess your vulnerabilities and establish a strategic plan to reduce potential attack vantage points and address compliance concerns.
  1. Data Privacy and Protection 

Data Privacy and Protection
    Data Privacy and Protection Data Privacy and Protection
    Data Privacy laws are being adopted across the globe, profoundly changing the way organizations conduct business. We understand the evolving data privacy environment and what it takes to identify, categorize and protect your data. Let us help you setup a data privacy and protection program that is will ensure compliance.
  2. Governance, Risk and Compliance
    Governance, Risk and Compliance
    Organizations encounter a myriad of GRC risks and challenges due to changes in the global environment, increasing regulatory requirements, technology demands and external threats. Cyvient offers customized solutions can eliminate the pitfalls of wading through these challenges. Our holistic approach mitigates risk and embeds audit assurance in