Data Breaches in 2019: What to Expect
​Part 1

April 24, 2019

The increase in security and data breaches over the last few years have many asking the question, what can we do to protect our data and systems. We will examine this issue in a three-part series.


How many data breaches will we see in 2019, what companies will be impacted and how big are they going to be? While no one can accurately predict the number of breaches that will be encountered this year. We do know several companies will be targeted, impacting several consumers. Security and data breaches are the top-of-mind for both the security and compliance professionals. Looking deeper into this topic requires us to look at why these events continue to occur. Using a general statement like changes in technology aren’t simply enough. We know hackers are constantly using every available opportunity to infiltrate your systems. Globally there is a cyberwar involving hackers, terrorists, criminals, and countries; changing skills in information technology and the landscape of cybersecurity.

Security has gone beyond keeping hackers out of your systems. You need to think strategically about your technological resources and capabilities and figure out what you need to put in place to defend your company’s value assets. Big data and artificial intelligence provide enormous opportunities for business, scientific and medical breakthroughs. These changes allow for the expanded use of data, enabling organizations to leverage, collaborate on and monetize information in ways never thought of before.

While the explosion of data has created new opportunities for the enterprise, the ability to collaborate on sensitive data and take advance of artificial intelligence opportunities may also be inhibited by data privacy laws, privacy risks, compliance and other regulatory controls. The challenge for technology professionals is how do you keep data safe without being exposed to privacy breaches, while still meeting business demands in a dynamic global market.
Traditional approached to cybersecurity alone are going to be enough to secure sensitive and privacy data. Data should be protected by technology, because it is the right thing to do.

Dr. Maxine Henry, PhD